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Need a budget badging option for your event? Print your own badges using EventReference's WebBadging system

Full integrated badge printing functionality. No separate software needed. Print badges anywhere in the world with WebBadging from EventReference.

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Print your own badges with WebBadging

Want to print your own professional looking badges without having to pay for printing and on-site costs?

Well now you can. If you have used EventReference for your online registration, WebBadging seamlessly works with the registration data you have collected.

WebBadging is the fastest, easiest system on the market, you can:

  • Print in the office pre-event using batch printing
  • Print on-site whilst at the event
  • Design your own badges
  • Add a barcode to scan and report

And it is:

  • Low monthly subscription cost
  • No set up fees

If you haven't used EventReference for your online / pre-registration that doesn't matter. All you need to do is create a free account, purchase the standard subscription, create your event, import your data and away you go.

All you need is:

  • An EventReference standard subscription account
  • A computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system*
  • Internet connection
  • Badge stock which you can purchase from the EventReference shop
  • Print credits**

Download the user guide here

Take a look at our WebBadging overview video here

WebBadging has been specifically designed so that any event organiser can print their own badges at any time. Using web based software there is no need to hire any equipment or pay for a software license. This gives you the freedom to print your own badges anywhere.

All badges can be totally customised by you to suit your event. Using our easy and effective Badge Designer you can add logos, colour flashes and event agendas if you are feeling adventurous.

Download our handy badge designer user guide here.

* Please note WebBadging is not Mac compatible
** Print credits are unlimited for all standard subscription users

Mobile badge printing, WebScanning, WebBadging, EventReference, Badges, Scanners, Attendance Reporting, reports, attendance, conference, scanning app, app, android app, attended, event, conference

Mobile badge printing

Did you know you can print badges on the go?

As long as you have an internet / 3g mobile connection you can use EventReference and WebBadging to print on the move.

Here’s an example of where this would be useful:

Suppose, you have a number of delegates in different hotels all over the city, you are now escorting your delegates on the coach to the venue for the main event. As each delegate boards the coach you take their name and using the report list on your device you can click on their name, click print badge and the delegate's badge will be printed at the venue ready for their arrival.

This process can be completed on any IOS or Android mobile device.

Watch the video Mobile Printing


Want to get the best from your badges using the barcode? Take a look at our WebScanning App to see what is possible.

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