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Exhibitor manual from EventReference enabling legal compliance and instruction

Exhibitor manual enabling legal compliance and instruction

Keeps all of your exhibitor information and documents in one place

Exhibitor manual dashboard from EventReference

Key Features:

  • Dynamic checklist.
  • Adjustable Dashboard.
  • Customisable forms.
  • Functionality to upload documents and certificates.
  • Personalised email confirmation emails and reminders.
  • Auto-forward orders to specific vendors/suppliers.
  • Event specific content pages– News, FAQs, Joining Instructions etc.
  • Order Event Badges and Data Scanners.
  • If you use our great diary feature, exhibitors can upload their own profiles and logos for the event exhibitor listing. View their diary and create additional diaries for their stand staff.

Already have an exhibitor manual solution in place?

Why not request our smart GUID Passover link. This allows your exhibitors to automatically pass from your manual site into our portal to order stand passes without the need to log back in.

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