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Opening Doors & Venues
Madalina Marincas

Madalina Marincas

YOUR EVENT, YOUR WAY: WebBadging, how Opening Doors & Venues discovered the power.

With thousands of delegates to look after each year, the Opening Doors & Venues Team, a busy independent PCO agency (professional conference organiser) organises events primarily within the education, not for profit and public sectors in the UK.

Madalina Marincas, a highly valued lead project manager, has been using the EventReference registration software since 2013 to host event websites and manage online registration. In May 2017 she used the WebBadging tool for The West Midlands School Leaders Annual Conference, with 200+ delegates.

Madalina says: “Like many PCOs, we create our badges via Excel and Word, using mail merge, then print badges on perforated card sheets that need to be separated, inserted into plastic wallets and attached to lanyards or swivel clips. Obviously these are prepared in advance with the inevitable last minute additions and name changes resulting in badges being thrown away. In addition, badges prepared on the day incur part wasted sheets not to mention the inconvenience.

“the process was easy to pick-up”

“So when we were introduced to the EventReference WebBadging tool, giving us the option to create badges directly from the registration software, we found the process was easy to pick-up and were particularly happy with still being able to design the badge layout exactly as we liked it: adding event branding and logos, different delegate types and programme streams etc. The most time consuming thing was the setting up of our three printers but once that was achieved it was very straight forward, not only for us, but also for the event staff employed to handle registration on the day of our event - which was great!

“There are a number of badge format options but we selected to go with butterfly badges which are very cost and time effective because they don't require plastic wallets as they are printed and folded to be double sided with a slot for the swivel clip or lanyard fittings. So hey presto!

“The badges also look great and this has planted the seed of a potential sponsorship opportunity – attracting a ‘badge sponsor’ for our events - something we had not considered previously."

“All in all WebBadging is cost effective, sustainable and creates professional looking badges. What's not to like?”

Madalina Marincas, Opening Doors & Venues

Click here to trial WebBadging. It's quick and very easy to set up - simply create an account and a basic event, add some data, hit ‘print badge’ and follow the instructions from there.

Take a look at our WebBadging overview video here

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