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Import your attendees, invite them to your event and know where your registrations are coming from with EventReference


We understand how important it is to use marketing activities to promote your event. For that reason, we've provided a suite of marketing tools to help you communicate with and manage your attendees.

Social Media Integration

Social Media and your registration site should work seamlessly together to promote your event or brand online. EventReference allows you to connect to your social media accounts from within your registration pages and confirmation emails.

Social Media Integration

Import and invite attendees

EventReference makes it very easy to import the people you already know you’d like to invite into the system and send them an invitation email complete with a personalised "Smart Link".

EventReference Smart Links allow the recipient of the email to arrive at a partially completed registration form which will show whatever details the system already holds about them. Once they fill in the rest of the registration form and click to register the Smart Link will stop working so they cannot alter their details after they have registered.

Our How to Guide: How to Set up a Smart Link walks you through the steps.

Please remember that it's important that any email marketing you carry out using this feature must comply with the relevant data protection legislation.

Import and invite attendees

Enhanced mail sending tools

EventReference can now utilise enhanced mail sending tools that offer statistics on delivery and open rates.*

*paid subscribers only

Track registrations from multiple sources

Track registrations from multiple sources

There are different ways to attract your audience and tracking how they find you is a major task for analysing where your marketing efforts are best spent. For that reason, EventReference allows you to very easily add tracking information to any registration link you send out. EventReference will then capture that information when someone comes to the website to register and will ensure you can monitor what's going on with your registrations.

You don't even need to setup a new source code for a different registration type. Just setup the link to include whatever code you want and it will be stored and reported from within the system. This means you can run multiple campaigns on social media or banner adverts with ease. Once the data is recorded you can easily create reports, graphs and charts for the data.

Report on registration tracking

Know exactly what's happening with registrations

Keeping track of what's going on with your event can be tricky so we designed EventReference to make it as easy as possible to know exactly what is happening with registrations for your event.

The EventReference dashboard provides an instant view of your registrations with graphs to show the most common countries of registration as well as the last 14 days' registrations by attendee type and the method they used to register.

If you want further information then you can easily report on any aspect of registrations instantly using our fantastic reporting tools.

Market to attendees who didn't complete the registration

Market to attendees who didn't complete the registration

There are lots of reasons why people start but don't finish registering. EventReference is designed so that every time a registrant clicks to move to the next page of a registration form, the information they’ve entered so far is saved. This enables you to design your form so that, if they get distracted, you’ll have at least their first name, last name and email address.

When that happens, that record becomes an "Incomplete Online Registration" in EventReference. Obviously they won't count towards your overall registration figures but if the registrant comes back to the form, the system will ask them if they want to carry on registering from where they left off. They’ll see all the information they’ve already entered – so they just pick up where they left off. If you need a lot of information from your registrants, this can be a real advantage for anybody who has to abandon their registration just before it's completed.

These "Incomplete Online Registrations" can also be included in reports. This means you can create a report that identifies the incomplete registrations and send each one of them a "Smart Link" to allow them to pick up their registration from where they left off.


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